Talking Tom Heroes - Mission Toothache! (Episode 22)

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Talking Tom Heroes

Talking Tom Heroes

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OUCH! Talking Hank’s got terrible toothache but he’s way too scared of the dentist to get help. But his super friends hate to see him in so much pain so they come up with a plan!
Armed with super tubes of toothpaste and giant toothbrushes, the team bravely shrink down and head into Hank’s mouth, ready to do battle with the scary tooth gremlins that are hurting him. But will it be enough, or have the tooth gremlins already done too much damage? Will Hank have to go to the dentist after all?!
Watch now to find out! And discover that friendship is a superpower - perhaps the greatest one of all.
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Talking Tom Heroes are here to save the day! It’s friends to the rescue!
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Talking Tom Heroes is also known as: 汤姆猫英雄小队, Konuşan Tom: Kahramanlar, Говорящий Том: Герои, 토킹톰 히어로즈, トーキング・トム ヒーローズ
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